My audiences are known to say…

•”Hey, I never thought of that.” or

•”Can we talk about this more?” or

•”I have always thought that but didn’t know how to say it”


I believe an unexamined issue is a deadly virus and It is not war, famine or global warming that will destroy humanity it is our inability to think about what we think about.  I offer solutions to this virus.

In order for my audience to be able to take away any measurable change I always give them some take away tools either from my Domino Effect Decision Matrix™ or my Think Opposite Matrix™ and an opportunity to practice while still in the audience. Once a person grasps the concept of Thinking Opposite, there is no turning back.

Whether it is speaking to large audiences, smaller intimate groups or workshops, for me it is all about challenging the way we think and taking the time to THINK OPPOSITE and consider a different perspective.

If you are looking for a speaker please contact me and let’s talk about whether or not I would be a good fit for your needs.