You have so much to do with emails, team members, managing expectations, and so much more. There just isn't time to analyze your efforts and find inefficiencies. I have the benefit of hearing what you are saying and seeing what you are doing without these obstacles. I will coach you on how to reduce time wasting activities and keep you focused on the things that matter most to you.


Mistakes are costly. Let me help you execute a program to reduce these costs. When you don't get the results you are expecting you have to start over or try to put a bandaid on an already broken or mismanaged system. I have mentored and coached numerous owners, managers, and staff to find the best methods to improve their bottom line.


Often you can't see the forest for the trees. When you are emotionally attached to your project or business it can be really hard to be objective. I have a system THE DOMINO EFFECT DECISION MATRIX to help simplify the decision making process by understanding the domino effect and THE THINK OPPOSITE MATRIX to help gain perspective.



→  Wondering how you’ll find people who get what you do.


→  Working in reaction mode.


→  Checking your sales numbers and wondering how you’re going hit you goals.


→  Guessing about pricing and creating packages your customers will love.


→  Watching your to-do list get longer, while your goals seem farther away.


→  Researching and perfecting your plans behind the scenes instead of reaction.



→  Planning what you’re going to earn next month, and how to get there.


→  Living more authentically to your vision


→  Acting like the passionate, savvy business owner you are.


→  Sparking meaningful conversations that reliably grow your business.


→  Learning why some things you do are more successful than others.


→  Spending more time doing what lights you up and less time stuck.

Don't keep leaving it to chance.

It is my purpose to empower and activate 1 million people around the world to consider different perspectives to better their lives, their businesses and the planet because an unexamined perspective is a deadly virus.

Business moves quickly and when it does, you need to be ready. That’s why many entrepreneurs turn to a business strategist. A  strategist gives you an edge that helps you grow more quickly.

If you’ve never collaborated with me, it’s exciting to consider how your benefits. Here are a few perks to expect:

  • Keep you laser-focused. You have so much going on throughout your business. It’s easy to lose sight of your primary focus and get derailed from your key goal. I help you cut through the clutter to keep your vision sharp.

  • Identify missed opportunities. When you’re in the middle of your workday, critical opportunities that bridge the gap between success and struggle are often overlooked. Your small business strategist points out unnoticed opportunities to make the most of your business outlook.

  • Provide feedback for growth – personally and professionally. Your business is your baby. Just as every parent believes their baby is the cutest (despite those enormous ears), business objectivity is difficult to come by. I can help you see the possibilities to become all you desire – and more.

  • Create a vacuum that pulls you forward. You can’t grow your business in a vacuum. We work together to advance your resources, skills, and knowledge more quickly so your business can flourish.