Let the Crutches Go with Julio Briones

Let the Crutches Go with Julio Briones

Let the - Alison Donaghey & Julio Briones

A fellow podcaster, Jonathan Senior (check out his podcast Funky Thinkers) recommended Julio Briones to be a good guest on my show and I am so glad he did. Julio has an amazing story and I am so impressed with how he took his shitty situation, found a solution and now spends his life helping others avoid his fate.  Some of the topic we covered are:

  • Difference between law and justice
  • How can we thrive in a system that tells a woman to leave her husband in order to get social support?
  • Do you know how many babies are born out of wedlock and what the ramifications are for that?
  • The power of looking forward – where do I want to be?
  • What keeps us motivated?
  • Are the courts racially biased?

Julio Briones is a Personal Crisis Manager with over a decade of coaching, speaking, and (most importantly) real-life, in the trenches experiences with Personal Crisis.  His outlook is radically different. Julio appreciates, and shares that success and change is a moment-to-moment choice and not about title, race or social status. Success is for everyone, every day. It’s about how we define our life. If you find yourself in a personal crisis, Julio Briones is the man to call. Get his first book here and his second book that came out Oct 29, 2018!

My challenge to you this week is to take the time to get your affairs in order. Get your will, financial statements, spare keys etc. and put them all in the same place, so if a crisis hits you will spend your time addressing the crisis not looking for paperwork.

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