Near Death Experiences Get You Going with Scott Schilling

Near Death Experiences Get You Going with Scott Schilling

Near Death Experiences - Scott Schilling& Alison Donaghey

We may not all have the journey of a near death experience, but we can learn from Scott Schilling’s experience. So many things that he learned and tells us of how it impacted his life and how he now impacts the lives of others. It’s always interesting how we process our experiences and the gifts attached. We talked about:

  • You are only as broad as your experiences
  • Action provides feedback
  • There are clues in our experiences
  • The 5 steps to any experience
  • Reinvention with meaning
  • Success v significance
  • Can we all get along?
  • Respect, honour and dignity
  • Giving vs. receiving
  • Be where your feet are
  • Faith vs. fear
  • Live what you believe

Scott Schilling is an International Speaker, Trainer, Author and Business Coach that has lived life and learned what it’s all about!

You can find out more about Scott at community he co-founded YouPlus1 and his website.

My challenge to you this week is to find places where you can get along with others. Not to bend to their will but to stand strong in yours while others can stand strong in theirs because you are acting from a place of respect, honour, and dignity.

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