Bridging the Chasm between Gender Rights and Human Rights

Bridging the Chasm between Gender Rights and Human Rights with Sheri Heller

It’s always interesting speaking with a guest who bumps up against the status quo and Sheri Heller is just that guest. She provides in-depth consideration of the state of the world we are living in and the things we don’t talk about that we should be talking about such as…

  • The need for critical dialogue
  • Righteous posturing
  • Life isn’t perfect and therefore, not fair 
  • Misogyny in women
  • Repressing behaviours forces them underground
  • Casting couch
  • Denial of our part
  • Hierarchy of abuse

My challenge to you this next week is to look at where you are not accepting responsibility for your part in things, without shame or blame, and to discover how empowering it is to be accountable. 

Rev. Sheri Heller is a psychotherapist and can be reached through her website. She specializes in the treatment of complex trauma and addictive disorders. She is also a freelance writer, a playwright and the creator of a therapeutic theatre event in NYC.


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