Inclusion or Else

Inclusion… or else… with Johanna Lynn

Was so looking forward to this time with Johanna Lynn, so that we could talk about Family Constellation and Inherited Family Trauma work. When I met Johanna earlier this year we spoke extensively about the impact of absent fathers in a child’s life and how it impacts not just this generation, but for generations to come. As a single mom, I have spent a lot of time wondering about the impact of my son’s absent father and how to offset any negative side effects. I was fascinated with this new way of looking at parenting and it’s consequences. 

In this episode we spoke about:

  • Mind body connection
  • The family soul organizing process
  • How to deal with a child who was the result of a rape
  • Impact of divorce on children
  • How a judge is changing the way divorce is handled in Brazil
  • How our unresolved history impacts our present
  • How to repair unavoidable separation from children

During this next week, I challenge you to really think about how you interact with your family and to explore #mypart, as always without blame or shame, so that you can begin to understand what history you are replaying that you might be able to let go.

If you want more information please reach out to Johanna Lynn. She specializes in family patterns and is the founder of The Family Imprint Institute. Johanna has 20 years experience in resolving painful patterns from living out in the next generation as if on repeat. 

You can listen to the full episode here:

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