The New Radical Feminism- Reclaiming Real Balance

The New Radical Feminism- Reclaiming Real Balance Within with Dr. Kate Dow

I always love having a guest on that is open to exploring how things work and contemplate how things can be better. Dr. Kate Dow certainly fit the bill.

We talked about: 

  • Feminine consciousness
  • Split off masculinity
  • New radical feminism
  • How social influence impacts our perception
  • Testosterone and oxytocin 

I especially enjoyed our conversation around patriarchy and how we are transitioning into a new social consciousness and if we are moving towards more freedom or just another type of control that is being disguised as freedom.

My challenge to you is to spend time this next week contemplating the feminine and masculine energy within you and celebrating both. 

Check out Dr. Kate Dow and you can download an ebook for free (recommended by Don Miguel Ruiz author of the 4 agreements!) before it finds its way as a hard copy through bookstores.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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