Breaking free of your Inner Victim Voice

Breaking free of your Inner Victim Voice with Sharon Bowes

I feel so fortunate to be able to have conversations with so many different people about so many different things. There are so many layers to our experiences and one of mine just got BUSTED apart. Who knew it was my judgements that stopped a man from helping me? Check out the show to find out more!

Sharon  is a change catalyst who opens the door to new ways of thinking in order to provide choice and new possibilities.  Also known as a shit disturber or trouble maker, she challenges the way things work….. Or don’t work…….  

We talked about so many great things

  • Can women understand men?
  • What is letting men be men really about?
  • The difference between feminine and masculine power
  • Why we have gender problems
  • How combining the masculine and feminine can “slingshot energy to create unachievable results”. How is that for playing nice in the sandbox?
  • ECO-system vs. EGO-system

Sharon outlines some really simple steps to move out of critical thinking / victim thinking into a place of power and choice.  You can find out more about Sharon and her book here. 

So my challenge to you this week is to really look at where you are embracing your masculine and feminine power (cause we all have both) and are you using it in a way that is adding to your power in a positive way or adding to your victimhood?

You can listen to the full episode here:

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