Alison Donaghey

#mypart - because you are worth it

Despite how easily my story can be told, it was not an easy journey to live.

I was told I couldn’t be a single parent. I was told I couldn’t be a women in the trade. I was told I should be grateful for the life I had and not want too much more. I was told I shouldn’t talk about topics that might make people uncomfortable. These voices lived in my head all the time.


  • We need to think about what we think about – so that we can anticipate the ramifications of our choices.
  • We are the solution and the problem – because everything is connected.
  • Everyone has value – and so does their perspective.
  • We have to own our shit – the good the bad and the ugly so that we can be accountable to overall betterment.
  • It’s not all serious – everything AND none of it matters.
  • We need to participate fully in life – so that we have no regrets.
  • Be brave – we are capable of more than we think and our fear is just a compelling illusion.
  • Win – lose is still LOSE – I can’t win if someone else is losing.